Horse guided Empowerment®
24th January to 6th February in Dubai

Horse guided Empowerment® is a new method of integrating horses into coaching and working with people that works with the free will of both sides.
I came across the concept in summer of 2019, and I am honored to be able to invite its founder Christina Marz Ring to Dubai early 2020 for her to show us the details of the method.

You too can now sign up and learn Horse guided Empowerment® to offer a unique and deeply moving experience to your clients. 

Or join us privately during one of our open days and experience your own personal empowerment through working with horses. 

You can use the concept to offer a wide range of activities such as counseling, coaching, yoga, health and wellness, burn out prevention, after school programs and much more, depending on your previous professional experience and training.

Horsemanship Course on Friday 31st January 

Natural Horsemanship and Horse Psychology for Horse Owners, Riders, Veterinary Practitioners and Stable Managers

You will become aware of the horses' specific body language and learn how to interpret it.
This will help you to understand herd movements as well as individual behavior which is useful for developing specific training programs. 

We will help you understand your horse with very simple means (no expensive material is necessary) and to analyze where it needs help.
You will be amazed by how much your relationship to the horse and your athletic performance will improve after this course. 

Our body language alone can work wonders and we will show you how to use it effectively on the ground, whether you are a beginner or have been riding for years.

The course includes hands-on practice, plus a manual with useful exercises and information. 

The topics at a glance:
Herd behavior, Friendship Training, Correction, Leadership, Communication


  • 800 AED for participants (fully booked, please email us if you want to organize a private coaching at your yard)
  • 400 AED for spectators (can watch and learn but not participate actively) 

includes lunch and snacks 

9.30am to 5.30pm, Desert Arabian Stud

Full agenda and the form to sign up are here.

Horse Guided Empowerment on Saturday 1st February 

Personal Growth and Development, no prior horse experience needed

Christina Marz Ring, family counselor, trauma specialist, and natural horsemanship expert, ​will ​supervise your self-reflection to help you learn what blocks or motivates you and where you can find support for positive change.

Through observation, simple exercises and self-reflection, you will explore your personal affirmations and where you can find support for positive change. The feedback provided by the horses in a session comes with impressive images that are easy to remember and support personal growth.

During an HGE Workshop Day you will untangle your personal story through life coaching, Horse guided Empowerment and family constellations with horses.

Christina will guide you on your journey as deep as you want to. You may keep your story private or share it with the group. You choose your theme, meaning that you can focus for example on stress reduction, or on a long-term family issue.

In any way, you will gain a deeper understanding of your inner blockades, you will let go of negative affirmations and find your true, authentic strength.
This day will move you deeply, and you will feel liberated and energized once we come back to town.

The participants will get to know a wide range of exercises and can reflect over their personal connection with every theme. The group helps provide an energetic container that will support and motivate each participant towards closure.


  • 1100 AED for participants (full booked, no spectators)

includes lunch and snacks 

9.30am to 5.30pm, Desert Arabian Stud

Full agenda and sign up form here.

Full certification - 24/25th and 30th January to 2nd February 

For coaches and therapists - fully booked for 2020

The 6 day workshop includes a variety of topics ranging from equinology to psychology and includes:

  • Individual & group exercises with horses
  • Theoretical information in the text book 
  • Additional material (videos, audios, images) 
  • Case studies  
  • Personalized help 
  • Supervision with real clients  

Please find here the full info with course details, agenda and pricing, and also visit Christinas website here.

The practical sessions of the certification curriculum will take place at Desert Arabian Stud, a private farm behind Margham on Dubai - Al Ain Road.

This breeding stud is home to over 50 horses living in family herds who are currently not being ridden.
As they live day and night outside and communicate with each other 24/7, their instincts are attuned into their environment and they are very sensitive horses.

At the same time they are curious and welcoming towards humans, because they never made any bad experiences. 
This makes them the ideal partners for the Horse Guided Empowerment Workshops.

Booking deadline: Sold out

Please contact me on whats app or email for details and bookings:
Monica +971 50 2512 480