Lead through uncertainty

The current COVID-19 crisis shows us how critically we are all connected - globally and as a society.

Discover your personal strength to lead through uncertain times

No matter if you are only leading yourself and your own life, or are the head of a large corporation - we are all leaders, and as such are forced to take decisions.

Latest News

The summer is here! 
We are not running corporate trainings in Dubai at the moment but are taking bookings for October onwards - contact me now to discuss how your team can benefit!

And we are going abroad:

Join us this July to a special retreat in Menorca, Spain.

Early bird available until June 10th, don't miss this amazing and one of a kind journey

From 30th October until 6th of November 2021 we are going on a special journey to Vashlovani National Park in Georgia. 

In a small group of people, we will mingle with a herd of 70 horses on the wide open grasslands to learn more about ourselves and take a long, deep breath, releasing all the anxieties and doubts from the last two years....


Life is full of surprises and as we can see from the current pandemic, life is absolutely uncertain. Who could have predicted this situation back in 2019??

Nevertheless, we have to move on and get through these uncertain times as best as possible - be it in business or in private.

  • Who are you really - without your emotional masks?
  • Which decisions are the right ones for you and your situation?
  • How can you lead through uncertainty and fear?

Let the horses guide you!

Everyone has their own leadership style.
And what is right for one person, or in one situation, may not be right for the next person.

With the help of the horses you can be more aware of your personal style, find answers to the questions in your life, untangle the relationships in your life and get clearer on what is really important for you to live the life you dream of.

Horse guided corporate training

Through working with the horses you gain new insights into your own personality, and that of your colleagues. 
A horse mirrors even tiny signals in your body language, and thus reflects your feelings and whether you are true to yourself and your believes.
They need to feel respected, but also trust you and feel your energy.

If you are compelling, a horse is going to willingly follow you, and so will the people!

Bring your team out for a day away from zoom, out in nature, to really connect again.
Learn how to communicate more effectively between people, how to get tasks done effortlessly, and how to overcome the challenges your team or project currently faces. 

leadership course horses dubai monica EAHAE

Corporate sessions and team buildings will run again from October onwards in Dubai's Melia Desert Palm Hotel, a green oasis at the outskirts of the city.

Alternatively, in Abu Dhabi's Mandara Equestrian Club we have an indoor facility and can offer safe, spaced out trainings all throughout the year.

Just reach out and let's chat about the benefits, details and costs involved to fully align the people in your business, in a fully embodied experience, where we don't just talk, but walk the talk.
I look forward to hearing from you!


A glimpse of what we can offer: