My personal horse book reviews

I thought to put up a list of horse book reviews as I sometimes recommend them to my clients for further reading and learning. Reading these and many other books has over the years helped me a lot in taking my own personal learnings from each if them, and in finding my own style.

And I believe this is the most important - in life as well as in our handling of horses:
We need to all develop our own style and be true to ourselves.

There can never be one method that works for each and everyone - if you want to truly get a successful connection with others, you have to be authentic and be the best you can be!

Therefore, please use this list as a recommendation, and feel free to email me with any other good examples of literature I may have missed! I love to continuously learn more and expand.

Horse Book Reviews

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
Dancing with Horses

This was Klaus' first book and in my opinion a must read for everyone who wants to connect with horses in a different way.
Klaus is an amazing horseman and even for him it is difficult to put it into words what makes him connect so fast and deeply with the horse.
Yet, in this book he gives a lot of helpful tips on how you can use body language and train your mind to communicate with the horse without using any force at all, bringing out the best in yourself and the horse.

To get any of these books, simply click on the image which will take you to Amazon.

Mark Rashid
Horses Never Lie: The Heart of Passive Leadership

This American cowboy learnt a lot about horses from an early age and from spending a lot of time around horses. The lessons he learnt and which he shares with us are not just about horses, but are life lessons! He shows that everything is related - the way we treat horses and the way we treat other people.
I love all of Mark's book and listen to many of them as audiobooks, for example "Horsemanship Through Life: A Trainer's Guide to Better Living and Better Riding"

In this book about passive leadership, he explains his view on being the dominant alpha of the herd versus what he aims to be:
a passive leader who will listen, give clear directions, teach new things in a way the horse can understand, and thus create an attentive, motivated partner rather than a submissive follower.
From everything he tells us, we can take our own lessons back for life.

Anja Beran
In Deference: Reflection on the primal causes. For riders in pursuit of knowledge and understanding

A book for riders who are truly interested in being a better rider for their horse - who want to learn how to ride it with very subtle aids and without ever needing auxiliary reins.

Anja highlights some important principles:
At the very start of a successful partnership between horse and rider must be the love for the horse, so that we always act in goodwill. A good rider will have a balanced attitude, must be diligent and focused, and must be willing to learn continuosly!

Throughout the book, she keeps repeating that we need to pay attention to the horse, to what the horse is offering, and that we need to give the horse time and train according to the nature of the horse. It is packed with detailed explanations, exercises that empower the horse to rise and shine, and live a healthy life as a riding horse.

Leadership Book Reviews

Nikki L. Kagan
Instinctive Leadership: The Philosophy of "P" and Friends

This new book from my EAHAE colleague Nikki is in my opinion a great and useful gift for any manager.
"P" is Nikki's one eyed horse from which she learnt a lot of lessons herself.
In her book, this experienced corporate facilitator and leadership coach shares many of the thoughts and ideas she has developed around the topic and what it means to be a good leader and leading from the heart.
It is a book which combines images with thoughts related to them. It's a book you keep taking back in your hands, to pause and reflect and to take in a new learning each time.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Flashes of Thought: Lessons in Life and Leadership from the Man Behind Dubai

Having lived in Dubai for so many years, it never ceases to amaze what we are able to achieve if we have a dream and the vision to make this dream a reality.
This is one of several books from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai and driving force who has built a city in which people from all countries and nationalities strive together and can find happiness.
Is it a coincidence that this successful, yet down to earth leader also has a strong affinity to horses? He is the founder of the famous Godolphin and Darley racing operations as well as the world's richest race, the annual Dubai World Cup. He is also a champion endurance rider himself, and most of his children are horsepeople too.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Reflections on Happiness and Positivity

In this book, his Highness explains why Dubai strives to be one of the happiest cities in the world, and why positivity is such an important aspect for a successful leader, be it the leader of a small corporation or a full nation:
"With a positive outlook, you will see challenges as opportunities, the future full of success and people packed with potential, abilities, talent and goodness."

The book is a very interesting read and inspiration for anyone who dreams of more!

I will be continuously updating this list to add more horse book reviews.
Please send me
your favourite books so I can evaluate and put them here as well for others to read!

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