A desert oasis with natural horses

If you are looking for a place to get completely away from the city and everything that comes with a hectic, busy lifestyle, join us for one of the courses and seminar in this serene environment of natural horses outside Dubai.

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50 horses live in groups on big paddocks. They sleep under the stars every night and their hooves are strongly connected to the earth.

Many of them were born here and so the herds comprise of sisters, mothers and daughters, aunts etc.
Their sons and fathers are around, balancing the energy beautifully.

They were previously used for breeding and most of them haven't been ridden, which also means they haven't made bad experiences with people.

Their antennas are impeccable, as they are constantly communicating with each other and are not confined to hours alone in a stable.

They pick up on everything that is going on around them.

For humans working with them, this means that we have to be extremely aware of our body, our intentions, our emotions and the messages we send out even subconsciously.

The horses, a prey animal, watch us predators very attentively and are constantly evaluating if we are a thread or not.

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If they sense that we don't mean harm, they are very curious to connect with us.

Currently, we offer guided horse interactions with this herd, and will soon expand to offer Horse Guided Empowerment®, a learning and development concept where free horses play an active part in the coaching process.

Also coming up very soon are sessions in Horse Powered Reading®, where children improve their reading as well as motivational skills and their perseverance with the use of research-based reading strategies that engage the mind, body, and emotions in learning.

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Meditation sessions and Sound Healing with horses

Another one of our unique programs are sessions where we ground ourselves with the help of the horses as well as sound bowls and other meditative instruments to really release all stress and tensions from our systems.


The private farm is located around 45 min out of Dubai on Al Ain Road, behind the SkyDive Drop Zone, and it is so worth the drive!
A true oasis in the desert - outside there are sand dunes and camels, and as soon as you drive through the gate, you feel that you are in a different world...

When you book a session we will whats app you the exact location.
Since it is a private family place, we don't usually run courses during weekends.

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